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Why Converge?

We deliver cutting-edge, user-friendly digital solutions to keep construction projects on track.

The Converge ConcreteDNA web and mobile app provides 24/7 remote access to the jobsite, via continuous data from our suite of fully embeddable wireless sensors. Get truly live, real-time insights into the status of the build wherever you are. With critical strength and temperature data always at your fingertips, you can be confident that you are taking the right actions at the right time. Here’s how we can help you:

Optimise Costs
Guarantee Safety
Teamwork Made Easy
Avoid Hassle & Delays
Increase Sustainability
Flexibility & Versatility

Optimise Costs by Striking Earlier

Get real-time alerts straight to your phone the moment your slab is ready to strike. Instead of waiting for cube results, save time with Converge ConcreteDNA to keep your concrete cycles consistent and costs low.

Safety First

By providing accurate and continuous sensor measurements of in-situ concrete temperatures, we help you avoid cracking, failure, and deflections.

Collaboration by Design

Our platform gives everyone on your team instant access to measurements and the ability to share reports. We make it easier to make the right decisions with your team.


With us, there’s no need for early strike test cubes, and no need to wait on labs for progress reports. We give you wireless accessibility from anywhere, and real-time data is always at your fingertips.


Our solutions help you reduce the carbon impact of your concrete. We make it easy to optimize your mix design and get access to historic performance data to inform future decisions.

We’ve Got you Covered

Our sensors and ConcreteDNA platform work with all pours, frames, and building sites. This includes slab, core, wall; regular RC frames and PT frames; residential buildings and tunnels.

Converge Signal
Our new bluetooth concrete maturity sensor is the world’s most powerful concrete temperature and strength sensor.

Timely initial and final tensions are key to rapid and safe post-tensioned concrete construction. With access to real-time in-situ concrete strength data, tensioning can begin as soon as minimum strengths have been met, with not a moment lost.

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Best Use of Technology: Winner

The exceptional efficiency benefits of Converge’s concrete pour sensor innovation made it the outstanding candidate for this year’s Best Use of Technology award. Converge identified inefficiency as one of the major challenges facing the industry. While other areas of the economy have…

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