Real-time concrete measurements at your fingertips
Cutting-edge concrete monitoring.
ConcreteDNA keeps you on track.
Optimise Your Job Site With Concrete DNA
How Does It Work?

ConcreteDNA provides real-time concrete data to site management teams.

Register one of the Converge sensors — Mesh or Signal — to your project, and allow your team to benefit from live concrete strength data and predictions, material performance analytics, advanced reporting, and team-wide collaboration.

Go Faster

ConcreteDNA is enabling contractors around the world to take action precisely when needed. Get access to live data wherever you are in the site office, at the jobsite, or beyond and set up notifications and alerts for when project milestones are reached. Our reliable real-time sensor data tells you precisely when concrete has reached a critical strength, so you can organise your team and act without delay.

Rock-Solid Proof

Easily generate reports for quality and assurance purposes. The ConcreteDNA platform allows site teams to analyse and report on temperature differentials from mass concrete pours. Sensor data can be exported to confirm that action was taken at an appropriate time, and that the concrete has remained in specification. ConcreteDNA gives teams rock-solid proof, for the present and future, about the safety of their decisions.

Predict the Future

ConcreteDNA uses the world’s most advanced AI-based concrete strength prediction engine to give site teams a crystal ball for concrete strength. The predictions engine combines local weather data, a database of historical concrete curing data, and real-time sensor measurements from the pour. This gives Converge the unique ability to predict the time the concrete will reach strength. The result of this immense predictive power is that teams can plan to act precisely when needed, and always have the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Keep Track of Progress

ConcreteDNA offers advanced analytics to process and predict how seasonal weather changes are affecting your project’s progress. This allows site teams to adjust project timelines and targets and to stay on track, whatever the weather.

Teamwork Made Simple

ConcreteDNA facilitates collaboration and better team decision making. The ConcreteDNA platform can be used simultaneously by every team member, both on and off-site. All sensor measurements, reports and alerts can be instantly shared with everyone, whether they are in the same room or in different time zones. Bring your team together with ConcreteDNA.

Our Sensors
Converge Signal

Converge Signal is the latest in wire-free concrete sensing technology. Use our dedicated smartphone app to communicate with onsite sensors via Bluetooth, and share the concrete performance data with every member of your site team.

Converge Mesh

Converge Mesh puts real-time concrete strength data into the hands of your site team. With access to truly live and continuous data, you can set alerts and decide your next actions from the site office or out on the slab, without a moment of delay.

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