We’ve cracked the concrete genome

The ConcreteDNA™ platform gives you realtime concrete strength data and predictions powered by precise sensors and advanced AI.

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Engineered for Engineers

Concrete Works For You

Take action without delay using real-time sensor data which tells you precisely when concrete has reached critical strength. Set up notifications to alert you exactly when it’s time to strike. No more walking across your site.

Set Up Is Simple

Our products have been designed so that they can be easily set up by anyone following a set of clear and simple steps. You’ll never worry about convenience or robustness

Teamwork is Easy Work

Collaboration and team decision-making is built into ConcreteDNA™, with anyone being able to access the data from any device, simultaneously. Bring your team together by instantly sharing reports and alerts with them.


Perfect for Project Teams

Predict the Future

Our AI-based concrete strength prediction engine helps you get the right people to the right place at the right time. By combining local weather data with a massive database of curing data and real-time sensor measurements, ConcreteDNA™ enables your teams to plan like never before with an accuracy of +/- 5%. Sites run smoothly and you deliver to plan.

Concrete’s Digital Twin

Contextualise your concrete maturity data visually in BIM models, and track progress on a macro level. Optimise using advanced analytics for concrete performance and temperature differentials. Stay on track and adapt your project timelines to seasonal weather changes.

Crack Quality Control

De-risk, ensure consistency, and guarantee safety. Thanks to our precise Converge Signal sensor and data analytics, you can review material performance and temperature differentials accross your curing concrete. No more cracking, failures, or deflections.

Designed for Directors

Optimise All Your Sites

Just as Sherlock Holmes said, “Data, data, data, I can’t make bricks without clay”, you can’t form insights without data. ConcreteDNA empowers Directors in construction with the data and analytics needed to form innovative insights and drive efficiencies company-wide.

Sustainability Set In Stone

Cut your carbon footprint and meet your sustainability targets. With deeper insight into your concrete performance you can design greener and more optimal mixes that reduce waste. With greater confidence in the quality of your materials you’ll be able to cut back on concrete testing.

Win More Work

Differentiate and lead the industry in the use of advanced technologies. Be more competitive on speed, safety, and sustainability to win more tenders.

Our Sensitive Side

It’s Powered By Smart Concrete Sensors

The ConcreteDNA™ platform is most powerful when paired with the Converge Signal System, combining the Signal Sensor with the Signal Live Hub.

The Signal Sensor is embedded in your concrete pour where it measures the internal temperature and compressive strength. This data is collected wirelessly by the Signal Live Hub which in turn transmits the data to ConcreteDNA™ via the cloud.

The Signal Sensor is small and powerful, built to perform under all conditions, and designed for quick and easy installation in your concrete pours.

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