About Converge
Converge builds wireless and cloud-based technologies to help construction companies strike earlier and plan their projects more efficiently. We are saving the environment one sensor at a time, while simultaneously saving you time and money.


Converge partners with businesses across every major industry to develop cutting-edge products and connect the dots between people, products, and business opportunities.
Why Converge

Since our inception, Converge has enabled leading construction companies to drive efficiencies by shortening concrete cycles with real-time strength data generated from sensors embedded onsite.

It takes manual monitoring, lab tests, waiting games, and over-pouring to raise buildings today. Not only is the process inefficient and expensive, but it is damaging to the environment as well. The UK Green Building Council says the construction sector uses more than 400 million tons of material per year. We think that’s a few million tons too many.

Our Mission

Converge has been a front-runner in bringing construction into the digital age. On a planet with finite resources, our mission is to build the future more efficiently, safely, and sustainably by digitising physical reality on the jobsite.

Meet the Team

We are a small team of 25 people with a global outlook.

We have offices in London and Hong Kong, and our staff is comprised of 17 nationalities.

Raphael Scheps

Co-Founder and CEO

Gideon Farrell

Co-Founder and CTO

Sam Ellenby


Georgia Willox Dunant


Alessandro Lazzarini Barnabei


Lucas Costa


Luke Aveil


Jenny Lee

Product Designer

Oliver Greet

Technical Manager

Jamie Tew

Business Development

Issam Ashur

Head of International Business Development

Liza Brackman

Office Manager & PA

Jon Gordon

Head of Hardware

Mircea Zagrean

Digital Product Designer

Thomas Wiltshire

Supply Chain Manager

Marco Piraccini

Senior Software Engineer

Lucas Denèfle

Embedded Systems Engineer

Matthew Richards

Implementation Engineer

William Tai

Junior Data Engineer

Liliana Cortina

Implementation Engineer

Avinash Mahandru

Key Account Manager

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