How it Works

Converge Mesh is our original sensor system for monitoring concrete strength. Mesh sensor data feeds into the ConcreteDNA platform, providing construction teams with real-time insights into the status of their projects.

Converge builds wireless and cloud-based technologies to help you strike earlier and optimise project planning. Read on, or contact us to find out how we can drive efficiencies for your company.

Step 1. Embed Sensor

Embed the Mesh Sensor into your slab of concrete. The Sensor will collect concrete temperature data in real-time.

Step 3. Boost Signal

The Repeater acts as an intermediate station that catches the signal from the Node and boosts it to the Hub, if the Hub is out of range.

Step 2. Transmit Data

The Node, which is connected to the Sensor, transmits the collected data from the Sensor to the Repeater or the Hub.

Step 4. Deliver Data

The Hub sends all sensor data collected onsite to our servers for further processing and strength analysis. The ConcreteDNA platform receives the concrete data, which you can access on your PC or mobile. You can also access historical data, export PDFs and CSVs, and set up alerts.

Eliminate Delays

Make informed decisions in real-time to execute programme-critical activities quickly, and with certainty.

Minimise Cycle Times

Minimise cycle times to reduce the overall programme. Strike, tension or load concrete early to shorten cycles; ultimately reducing overall construction time and cost.

Streamline Concrete Testing

Converge cuts out dependencies on the middle man and guarantees timely delivery of critical information, thus reducing the chance of delays.

Reduce Risk

De-risk the concrete programme through real-time in-situ measurements. Reduce the risk of non-conformances using the maturity method to determine strength.

Easier Reporting

Analyse and compile your data into insightful reports ready to share with all project stakeholders.

Assure Quality

With a real-time insight into the in-situ conditions within an element, engineers can take action to preserve and enhance quality levels.
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Converge builds the next generation of wireless and cloud-based technologies to monitor your concrete in real-time.

Converge ConcreteDNA Platform

Our cloud based platform and smartphone app make it easy for users to benefit from real-time concrete strength measurements.

Users have the capability to track the performance of their concrete in real-time. The platform allows the user to generate reports on concrete performance and share them with project stakeholders. The data is presented in such a way as to allow the user to make quick and informed decisions.